May 30, 2013

This just in… The Moleskine Words Event in Montreal video re-cap. Great to see this event in a bilingual city. We had English stamps, French stamps and graphics, I tried to use all 3 in each message I wrote.

Today I’ve been in New York for almost a week and my stamped notebook from the Words Event is being consumed by drawn maps and dates and passing thoughts. Not such a long trip to fill a travel sketchbook, but if there’s something worth sharing I’ll post when I’m back in Montreal next week.

Thanks everyone who came out to the Words night, it was so great to see that everyone who came participated… And a big thank you to Moleskine and Papeterie  Nota Bene for having me.


May 7, 2013

Dear Readers, I’d like to invite you to partake in a surrealist game of words and wits. Create your own story with rubber stamps of verbs, adjectives, nouns and icons. Join me at my favorite paper store on the planet: Papeterie Nota Bene*.

+ We’ll be giving out Moleskine notebooks to all that play the game!

How many stories can be written with a box of 400 different words?

Thursday May 9th 2013, from 5 – 7pm.

Papaterie Nota Bene* – 3416 Av Du Parc, Montreal, Canada

Sound by dj iv

Moleskine_Words_May 9th inviteMoleskine_Words_May 9th invite_side2

Betty Richards – Mother and Child

February 23, 2013

Hotmail Print Message

Sometimes my blog attracts people wandering the internet in search of my Grandmother’s art work. I get the most interesting emails, comments, and stories revolving around her life and work. From family, to friends, to people who’ve found a Betty Richards on the wall of their new office, my Grandma still manages to connect all kinds of people through her art. This latest one I received courtesy of Carole Anne Haberman. (My 2end Aunt?) It may be my new favorite.

Someday Sunday

January 27, 2013

I’ve been working on a children’s book since November, and I’ve made some real progress this week. All that’s left is the colouring and the cover. With simple graphics and few words, its little 19 page book about sadness and optimism. I wanted to publish a sketch that’s been sitting on my table for 2 weeks now. This is the under-drawing for the final page, then it turned into my pallet. The final piece  isn’t like this, its clean bold lines, but I really like how this sketch feels.


“Save the Date” Cards

January 11, 2013

savethedate_small I love getting mail. It’s so exciting to open a hand written letter, or examine a stamp from the other side of the world. Recently I got something of my own design in the mail. One of my oldest friends is getting married and I was lucky enough to get to design her “Save the Date” cards. (I kinda insisted…) She loves comics as much as I do, so I tried to both get that comic book feeling, as well as a good likeness of her and her beau. The wedding has a nautical theme so I’ve incorporated as much of this imagery as I could. Luckily Charlotte already knew pretty much what she wanted design-wise, and the couple chose the colours and card stock too. So my job wasn’t too complicated, and now I get to look forward to the wedding!Save_the_date_BLACKANDWHITE_forwebThe original black and white design.

My New Web Store

November 20, 2012

Its finally up!

I have Cards, Original Art, my Grace book and more. Perfect for holiday gifts or something for yourself. If you find a specific piece you love on my site that isn’t available through the Web Store feel free to contact me to inquire. + I’m also available for commissions.


I want to thank Victor Temprano for putting this store together for me, and Benjamin IV for the beautiful pictures.


Sketching on a Train

November 15, 2012

I just got back from New York visiting for the Brooklyn Comics Festival. I took the train and managed to get a few sketches in, mostly studies for my animation, but I did catch this guy taking a nap. I wish I could have finished it, put some hands in or something but he caught on to me and it got weird.

After that there was no one else in my view, so I ended up doing this self portrait of my reflection in the window. Its always kinda odd doing these, I haven’t done a self portrait in years. This one reminds me of my Mom, maybe its the braid, or maybe we look more alike than I notice on a normal day.

In case I forget to mention, I’ll be around at Montreal’s Expozine. I don’t have a table this year, life just got too busy for me, but if you want to grab a copy of Grace I’ll have a few in my bag. 🙂 I plan on being there this Saturday the 17th.

Learning Animation

November 6, 2012

I’m part of a beta test group learning 2D animation online. Its very challenging, maybe even the most challenging of all the art classes I’ve ever taken. (But in the greatest kind of way. Its the demanding, technical class I’ve always dreamed of.) My teacher compares animating to balancing plates, like in a circus act, because there are so many things to consider. Each new element (a tail, or hand, or finger) has its own path of action, timing, and spacing. For this bouncing ball I did an elaborate scene plan to help me keep track. I thought I’d post it as well as the animation to show the type of consideration that goes into each scene, even one as simple as this.

Et voilà !

Ball3D from Madeline Richards on Vimeo.

Mouse Animation

October 21, 2012

mad mouse animation from Madeline Richards on Vimeo.

News and Reviews

October 21, 2012

Hello again, its been so long since I posted… summer swept me away. But things have been happening slowly and I have a lot in the works so please check back in over the next few weeks. Here’s some highlights from the past few months of my life:

Spandexless reviews Grace: A Modern Day Fable.

My Ink & Perfume drawing got a feature page in Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 7, Page 51.

Now I’m back at Studio Technique, this time taking a 2D animation course so my next post will be of my moving drawings!!

+ This week I’ll be performing in a yearly Haunted House, now honed to it’s ghostly perfection at Montreal’s Theatre Sainte Catherine.

No! –

Happy Halloween!